Selam Foods, Inc. launched in August 2010 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. (Selam means “Peace “in Ethiopian, Eritrean, Arabic, and Somali languages. The Company makes Teff flour, which is a gluten-free product used in the making of injera – a traditional Ethiopian and Eritrean flatbread.  Selam Foods also sells barley flour, coffee beans, spices, and basmati rice.The Company has farmers and food-grade warehouses all over the country


Selam Foods has been successful to date in its promotion of teff flour because of better access to the consumers who buy it.  Boasting a strong sales philosophy, a commitment to building industry relationships, and an ingrained attachment to the farming of teff itself, the Company will capitalize on the increasing demand for teff among immigrant and domestic populations alike.  While the need for domestically produced teff results from the inability to import freshly harvested product from Ethiopia and elsewhere, it is also the result of the growing acceptance of teff as a food with incredible nutritional value and health benefits.  High in protein, iron, and fiber, teff is so small that it cannot be broken down like traditional grains whose germ, bran, and endosperm can be applied to the creation of other products.  This allows the seed to retain the nutrients that make it so powerful.  A dynamic food source, the Company will compete with other teff suppliers, but ultimately maintains a more benevolent agenda to create partnerships instead of enemies to promote teff as both a traditionally accepted food source as well as a modern gluten-free option.



Tesfa Drar is the founder of Selam Foods.  Mr. Drar was born in Eritrea (formerly Ethiopia) and grew teff with his family from an early age.  He has lived in the United States for 31 years, and has been growing or trading teff and other commodities his entire life.  Mr. Drar is a promoter of teff not only because of its heritage, but also because of its incredible health benefits, and expects that teff is going to revolutionize the food industry.